The Power of MFT Can Work For You
    MFT will...
    • Analyze every aspect of your business and provide specific steps for performance improvement
    • Evaluate profitability by client, job, department, or location and make recommendations that work
    • Make software transitions easier - reducing frustration and saving you money
    • Improve the skills of your current staff with customized training

    MFT will save you time by:
    • Preparing your monthly financial statements
    • Reconciling your bank accounts
    • Training and updating your staff in your Standard Operating Procedures

    MFT can help your business run more smoothly by:
    • Working with your CPA, banker, and collection agency
    • Assembling or completing the right team to better manage your company
    • Providing expertise when you need it...short term, part-time, seasonal market cycles...we make your busy times easier to handle while reducing overhead costs throughout the year

    MFT gives you flexibility and peace of mind by:
    • Assuring your financial statements are current, accurate, correct and timely
    • Processing your payroll and related taxes confidentially, accurately, and on or before the deadlines
    • Overseeing tasks during periods of staff turnover
    • Providing on-call help to quickly solve software and hardware problems

    MFT simplifies your life by:
    • Working at your site or offsite, whichever is best for you
    • Providing a full range of services from a single, local source
    • Working with your current software, or upgrading to more efficient, industry specific software

    With MFT every part of life is better:
    • You spend less time in the office
    • Your talent and strengths are freed up to focus on key issues
With MFT You Pay Only for Productive Time, and No Fringe Benefits

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